Don’t Know. Don’t Know. Dooooooon’t Knooooooowwww

As with most great ideas I have had in my life, I find that someone else has already had them. Very often I’m a day late and a dollar short.
There are several purposes to this site. Mainly it was pushing back to the overly vocal liberal thought police that are pervading American Zen. But the secondary reason for this site is to show that in most cases, taking one side over the other, especially in politics is wrong.
So as I’m reading Zen Confidential by Shozan Jack Haubner ‘s Zen Confidential I come across this:
“But ultimately my Zen practice is not political: my politics are beholden to and part of the bigger picture that is my practice. I try to embrace both sides of the issue, then, and search for a personal resolution not in a logical argument for either but in an unspoken and embodied synthesis of the two-“
Now, nevermind that he was talking about the one issue that I don’t think there should be a compromise on–abortion. But that is how I wish most people, and especially Buddhists would approach most issues. Before trying to defend yourself, ask how and why the other side came up with their opinion. Is there anything of theirs I can incorporate into mine? Do I HAVE to be right on this? Is there room for compromise? Keeping that “don’t know” attitude.
Reading today’s American Zen blogs, I sadly find little of this.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Know. Don’t Know. Dooooooon’t Knooooooowwww”

  1. Thank you for making this effort. I’m not sure that the Buddha would today be a Libertarian, but it seems clear that he wouldn’t be comfortable with the modern Left, due to the precept about not taking that which is not freely given, and perhaps some other moral issues.

    1. Thanks for visiting the site and commenting.

      My guess is that the Buddha would stay out of politics as much as possible. But, maybe I’m projecting…

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